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Radar - Villain Wheels, 84A (8pk) Indoor / Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels

$ 59.99

Sliding in the corners? Skating a slippery surface? Want a GRIPPY wheel? The Villain wheel is for you. The Villain offers an intense amount of grip but it also has tons of ROLL, making it the fastest Hybrid on the market. The Villain features the Shark hub, which has specially designed fins to give the hub stiffness, response, balance and ROLL. Don’t sacrifice speed for grip any more! It is also the perfect wheel for skaters who enjoy indoor and outdoor skating. Never change your wheels again! This wheel works booth indoor and outdoor. Made in the USA.

Indoor/Outdoor Performance

Recommended use: Derby

Size: 38mm x 59mm

Hardness: 84A

Hub: Purple Urethane Shark

Color: White

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