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Riedell - Derby - Blue Streak Sport Roller Skates

$ 549.00

Boot: Blue Streak

  • Hand sorted full grain Kango-Tan leather upper
  • Innovative split quarter pattern
  • Full grain Chinook leather lining
  • Genuine Shearling tongue lining
  • 2 slit "Fox" tongue (to help reduce tongue rotation while skating)
  • HF-5 heat moldable outside quarter right boot
  • Snug Tie
  • Finger loop backstay
  • Stitched and cemented leather outsoles

Plate: PowerDyne Rival Aluminum

Wheels: Radar Villain 84A

Bearings: KwiK Zenith

Toe Stop: PowerDyne Moonwalker Natural

Sizes: 2-13 Full & Half - B/AA (Delta) width

Mens Boot Sizes listed.

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