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Radar - Diamond Wheels (4 pack) Indoor Roller Skate Wheels

$ 49.95

The Radar Diamond is the narrowest wheel on the market. It offers the most maneuverability, and will virtually eliminate wheel clipping.

The beautiful Radar Diamond wheel is created specifically for Roller Derby. Derby Skaters will love its ultra-narrow profile because it’s light, offers more maneuverability, and will virtually eliminate “wheel clipping,” a common occurrence when skating in close proximity to other skaters. Diamond wheels are mounted on stiff aluminum hubs for maximum feedback and come in 4 different hardnesses to suit a variety of skating styles and surfaces.

Indoor Performance

Recommended use:Derby, Jam, Session

Size: 31mm x 62mm

Hub: Aluminum

Hardnesses: 90A (Grey), 92A (Red), 94A (Natural/White), 96A (Green)

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