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Grn Mnstr - Gumball Superball Toe Stops (Pair)

$ 32.00

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Check out the newest addition to the GrnMnster Family. GrnMnsterthe makers of the Gumball Toe Stops, have pulled out all the stops and made a toe stop unlike any other! The new GrnMnster Superball toe stop has a larger footprint than the gumball and a flat textured surface for control and precision.  This stop is the next generation to an tried and true favorite.

  • Shape
    • Profile: Flat, Pre-Cut Angle
    • Face: Round w/ Wheel Cutouts
  • Footprint: Small - Medium - Large (64mm)
  • Stem Length: Hollow 17mm or 30mm
  • DensitySoft - Moderate - Hard
    • Most of the stopper is soft with the inserts on the face of the stopper being hard. 

Colored stems are packaged randomly. with red, blue, green, or purple.

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