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Crazy Skates - Venus Aluminum Skate Plate (Pair)

$ 159.00


The Crazy Skates Venus Plate is a sleek aluminum plate finely crafted from aircraft-grade alloys which allow the Venus a highly responsive performance. The unique fashion in which Crazy's PU Cushions sit further enhances the idea that these plates respond to your every action. The adjustable housing features an hex screw lock to keep your toe stop firmly secured.

  • Recommended Level of Play: Recreational - Competitive - Elite
  • Sizing Guidelines: 
    • 226mm = 133mm Wheelbase 
    • 239mm = 146mm Wheelbase 
    • 252mm = 159mm Wheelbase 
    • 265mm = 172mm Wheelbase 
    • 278mm = 185mm Wheelbase 
    • 291mm = 198mm Wheelbase 
  • Hardware Included:
    • Axle nuts
  • Crazy Venus Plate
    • Aircraft Aluminum Baseplate
    • 8mm Aluminum Trucks
    • Steel Pivot Pin
    • 20 Degree Kingpin
      • Lightweight Upgrade Available
    • PU Agility Cushions
    • Delrin Pivot Cups
    • Adjustable Toe Stop Housing
    • 5mm Hex Lock Screw

Plates sold in pairs

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