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Crazy Skates - Quake Wheels (4 Pack)

$ 35.00

Diameter X Width:  59mm X 36mm or 63mm X 36mm Slim Wheels
Compound:  Cast Urethane Formula
Hub Info:  White Fan Jet Delrin Hub
Packaging:  In Sets of 4
                 (2 Packages to make a full set of 8 Wheels)
                 Sets of 4 can be mixed to provide variable grip
The QUAKE wheels come in 3 hardnesses: Red=XXX or 88A, Blue=XX or 92A, and Green=X or 96A.
The QUAKE wheels have 2 sizes in Diameter: 59mm or 63mm Diameter X 36mm Wide.
The QUAKE wheels have a moderate Rebound, which gives them a very good feel and roll.
The QUAKE wheels are well suited for many types of Indoor Skating surfaces like Concrete, Wooden Floors coated or un-coated, Outdoors, or Sport Court - any surface is a match for these Great Wheels..... 

From a Derby perspective: The QUAKE BLUE XX are 92A and anyone that is considering a narrow wheel and figuring out how it could benefit their derby and jam skating can use this mid sticky version of our QUAKE to test the waters! Its great for many types of tracks, ubt is generaly for the intermediate or advanced levels of experience and anyone that feels the wider wheel is not working for them.  Both the Red XXX 88A (Push wheels) and Blue XX 92A (mid Roll wheels) are good workhorse wheels for most derby venues as they hold up extremely well and can be intermixed and used together even adding the Green X 96A wheels to the mix for your harder extra ROLL wheels. If you are mixing the wheels on a slippery surface, the standard mix would be Red XXX for the "Push" wheels and Blue XX for the "Roll" wheels.  On a tighter Skating surface, the standard mix would be Blue XX for the "Push" wheels and the Green X for the "Roll" wheels.  These can be mixed and matched as you desire as long as they are the same diameter. The QUAKE wheels have a combination that is good for almost all surfaces.

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