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Crazy Skates - (Ne) Neon Roller Derby Skate Package DBX5

$ 199.00

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The Crazy DBX 5 Neon Skates feature a bunch of cool technologies designed to improve fit and performance. HLT (Heel Lock Technology) and 3DT (3D Tongue) work with the ABS counters throughout the boot to provide a fully customizable fit that can get your feet through the longest tournaments imaginable. Mounted with Apollo plates are strong and lightweight thanks to their fiberglass reinforced construction. 

Note: Wheels are randomly picked by Crazy and will vary between all options of Quake wheels (62mm or 59mm in 88A, 92A and 96A). Specific wheel requests cannot be guaranteed due to availability but please contact us with your preference and California Roller Skates will try to make it happen!

    Sizing: (whole sizes only)

    Mens Boot Sizes listed.

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