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Crazy Skates - Apollo Nylon Skate Plate (Pair)

$ 79.00

The Crazy Skate APOLLO plate is an exceptional design which utilizes the very best technologies that are available to create 'excellence' in its performance.

Crazy Skates Apollo Plate

Crazy Skate's famous nylon skate plate, the Apollo, comes in a range of sizes and colors to fit many boot sizes and skaters' style. There is zero torque, this plate does not twist at all! These are strong plates made for serious skaters who are just under the professional level.

Length: 205mm Axle Spread: 110mm / Length: 225mm Axle Spread: 130mm / Length: 245mm Axle Spread: 150mm / Length: 265mm Axle Spread: 170mm / Length: 285mm Axle Spread: 190mm

285mm plates are only available in black and grey

Plates sold in pairs

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