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Antik - MG2 Gale Roller Skates

$ 499.00

Antik Skates

Now in it's third incarnation, Antik Breeze Skates feature a Reactor Fuse Plate - but we liked the Breeze with a Reactor Neo so much, we decided to keep it around and give it a new name - Antik MG2 Gale Skates! When a breeze steps up its game, it becomes a gale force wind and you get that same improvement from the nylon Fuse to the aluminum Neo. The MG2 itself is a more affordable clone of the AR1 and coupled with that Neo it offers incredible support and high-end performance without breaking the bank.

  • Recommended Level of Play: Recreational - Competitive - Elite
  • Fit Guidelines: Narrow heel, medium/wide ball, rounded/open toe box.
  • Sizing Guidelines: True to Riedell size, see "Sizing Chart" below.

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