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You are a Skateboarder! You are an Experienced Pro, or a Rookie, but you Skate and that is all that matters!  Some Skaters drop into pool bowls, ramps or whatever. Some shred on the street terrain, killing the gaps, ledges and rails. Other Skaters need the speed and the rush of downhill longboarding. Most skaters do a little of everything, and you probably will too!

The skateboarding buyer's guide you see here will help you get Skating with the right skateboard equipment that is going to make it easier for you to improve your skills. You will Skate and you will like it!  Rookie skateboarders often start with a "complete" set up skateboard, where all the components are pre-selected and assembled by the Skateboard manufacturer or the Skateshop you buy from . You can check out our selection of skateboard completes, cruiser completes, and longboard completes.

Before you know it you will start defining what your favorite type of Skateboarding will be. Favorite deck shapes, favorite deck and wheel sizes and of course favorite brands. Building your own custom skate deck complete also is all part of the fun.

Click on these links to help you decide what skateboard you need.:

Choosing A Skateboard Deck

Choosing Skateboard Trucks

Choosing Skateboarding Wheels

Choosing Skateboard Bearings


Your skate board level of experience is an important indicator of the type of skateboard you should consider. Here is an idea of ability levels:


You suck at skateboarding.  You saw it, it looked easy, you tried it, failed.  It’s OK.  We all started this way.  Regardless of your skill, you’re ready to buy a skateboard and work on the basics. You’re starting to become more comfortable pushing off with your foot and balancing board as you ride.  You still have a long way to go, but you are having fun, and that is the most important thing.  

Here is what you need to do:   Get an affordable complete skateboard, cruiser or longboard.


You can skate.  You have some confidence on your deck.  You have maybe even pulled off a skate trick or two.  Now you have begun to work on more technical skate moves.  Dropping into a ramp, popping an ollie, or working on a harder trick is probably consuming your thoughts.  Homework, chores, bills, are all getting neglected because you need to learn a new trick.  You now know enough about your skateboarding skills to know about the hardness of your wheels and size of your deck, and what bearing you like to ride on the best.  You are now one of the cool skateboarding kids.  People see you, and they want to be you.  If you need to learn more about what you need, you need to just call California Roller Skates and almost anyone here will be able to help you.  We do have that one guy who doesn’t know much about skateboarding but he is still a cool guy and we like keeping him around.

Here is what you need to do: Skate.  Stay young.  Skate.  Get the gear you want b and efore you get rusty.


If you’re an expert skater, you probably already know it.  You are a PRO.  You are the boss.  You tell us what you need and we will bow down to what you want. You are blazing the trail for all other skateboarders.  You are pushing the limits of what can be done on four wheels. Whether you’re in the park, the pipe, a pool, the school, you rule.

Here is what you what you need to do:  Come in here and customize what you want.  Hang out with us on our couch.  Let’s watch NETFLIX together.  Let’s make a YouTube video together and go viral.  Skateboarding is life and it starts here.


Skaters tend to group up into different categories depending on what they do and what they ride.  Skateboards, wheels and trucks are often designed for use on certain ground surfaces and for different types of skateboard tricks. Here is a list of skating styles that will help you pick out the proper skateboarding gear based on the type of riding you do.


Vert skaters (aka Pool and Bowl skaters) ride skate ramps and other vertical stuff, catching air and performing skate tricks. This type of skater finds a skate park with a variety transitions, empty pools in a neighbor's backyard or they DIY ramps themselves. Vert skateboard tricks are about speed, air, and style. Transition skaters want a wider skateboard deck to stabilize at higher speeds.

Here is what you should do: Get a skate deck with a nose or tail that works best for you.  There are some strange shapes to choose from, and it will help add style to your lift.


Google a street skating venue.  There is one probably one a few miles from you right now.  If you can’t find one, just look around, get creative and skate everything!  Have you skated at a senior center?  The elders love it!  The tapping, grinding, and yelling is music to their ears! Street skate the landscape you have, including curbs, handrails, benches, stairs, fire hydrants, dumpsters, or your mom's ex boyfriends front bumper. These things are sometimes mimicked in skate parks, offering skaters a chance to skate get crazy without the Police involved.  Skateboard street tricks, like nose grinds, 50-50s and kickflips, are technical and sometimes scary, requiring a lot of practice and bruised shins.

Here is what you should do: Do whatever you want.  You are a skater.


Most people will fall, or fall into this category. If you are an all-around skater and you enjoy the ride of a board regardless of the style…..then you might be a redneck.  J/K.  Go Skate and have fun.  


Longboarding is very different from the other skating styles we covered. Longboards allow for a more fluid ride, with skaters making wide turns. Longboards are great for use as transportation from your car back to your apartment, speeding down hills, or to simply cruise to the store for a Slurpee. Longboards come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Here is what you should do:  Go down a hill really really fast.  If you have something in your way,....turn.  If you have any skateboard questions, reach out to us. California Roller Skates longboarding experts will tell you everything you need to know about Longboarding, and also about DOTA2.


Size matters.  It’s true.  Sorry.  The type of board you choose big, or small, long or short….it matters.  There are certain features of your skateboarding gear that are tuned to address the weight you’ll be putting on it. The width, length and shape of every skateboard is designed to meet the requirements of a certain size of Skater.


Complete skateboards come with a gripped skate deck, skateboard trucks, skateboard wheels, bearings and all necessary skateboard hardware (bolts, nuts, spit). These assembled boards range in price from around $65 to over $125, depending on the quality of the individual components. Larger longboards are a bit more expensive, running anywhere between $100 and $300 for a complete longboard.

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