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Juice Derby Wheels

Derby players are committed to their sport. Long hours of skating, practice, and strategy offer everyone who plays Derby the opportunity to nurture their mind, their body and their soul. At Juice Wheels™ they are committed to deliver the very best performance on skates. Learning to play derby on Juice Wheels™ is like learning how to skate at a whole new level. Juice Wheels™ offer the most grip, the fastest roll, and the longest wear at every level of play.

Finally, a refreshing innovation in Derby wheels,  developed for players of all abilities. A collaborative partnership  between the premier wheel manufacturer and players,  the Dual Pour ® technology delivers grip when you need grip, roll  when you need roll, and energy when you need it the most.

The "Martini Series"® feature an inner urethane core, allowing the running  surface of the wheel to remain on the floor longer delivering just the grip you  need. Compression on your stroke out drives energy into the core, and then  expends it during the roll, giving you that added punch. More grip, better roll,  and less wasted energy on the track increase your performance level every time  you play. That is what the product development team set out to do, and that is  what Juice Wheels™ delivers to every player who wants an unfair advantage on  the track.

The same concept is found on the "Spiked Series" with the banded-edge  technology at a more affordable price. Available in several hardnesses.  Playing Derby on new Juice Wheels™ is different than playing on the old  style component hub/tire design. Juice Wheels™ are not for everyone,  only Derby players like you who want more grip when you  turn, more roll during the jam, and less wasted energy to  outlast your competitor.

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